Monday, June 18, 2007

Separated At Birth - Captions

Okay, one of the best elements of this here Inter-Web thingy is the unprecedented access to information and images from all over the world. Here are a few pictures that I have taken the liberty of captioning (is that a word?) as well as some photographic evidence of the relatives of some people we know.

The following individuals have been separated at birth:

Rising American Road Sprinter Tyler Farrar and...

...This Guy

Legendary US Criterium / Sprint Monster Jonas Carney and...

...Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver

("Maybe if we wear costumes, they won't notice us. In the front row of this Hockey game. ")
Speaking of hairstyles - Snoop Dogg's son and...
...Cameo. Word Up.
(By the way...I still don't know why Snoop was wearing a fake mustache during the NHL Finals but's Snoop. He can do whatever he wants. Except fool people with that 'stache.
Now for some captions:
Doctor: "What the...your pulse is at 25 bpm!?!?" Basso: "I have done nothing wrong and have never met Dr. Fuentes. Can't you see that I am tranquilo?" Or...
"But I still get to keep my trophies and rooms full of money though, right?"

Golf is WAY harder than it looks. Or...

Cycling Fans React To Riis, Zabel and Aldag Confessions.

" I am Di Luca...I live on the 2nd floor. You are powerless against my hair gel and green striped shorts. Yes I think you've seen me before."

Clown Training aka Me At The Gym

If anyone can think of good captions for these, please write them in the comment section. I know there are better ones out there.


Nrjetik1 said...

Ronald McDonald proves there ain't no
growth hormone in Big Macs.....

Hey Jeremy,
You are right. Only Carlo remains at Club One.
yes, I'm still a VeloBella :(

Keep blogging, I enjoy reading!

Jeremy T. Arnold said...

If Ronald was working out with Farzan he'd be busting that clown suit apart.

Why the sad face after the VB reference? You guys are good.

How many new phones has Carlo gotten since I left? 20? 50?

For reference, my ride in to C1 used to take an hour from Mill Valley and I would almost get killed at least 4-5 times by a MUNI bus, a BMW with tinted windows or some random Peet's drinking stock joker in the Financial District. People used to act like I was crazy to ride in from Marin.

Now, back in the Republic of Boulder, I can get on a bike path 2 blocks from my house and ride to the Lab in 10 minutes. A full 5 minutes faster than by car.

Instead of passing stopped 101 traffic on the Sausalito Bike Path, I get to cruise past a RAGING Boulder Creek and Goose Creek while dozens of prairie dogs and bunny rabbits test my bike handling ability on a daily basis.

Like I said before, sometimes I really miss the Bay Area. Sometimes not so much.

It's 97 f'ing degrees today though, so I'm kinda wishing there was a nice cool fog to ride through the Headlands in.

Yeah...I miss the Bay.

Nrjetik1 said...

oops bad typist. I meant a happy face :)
Carlo finally replaced his original (and somewhat massive) cell phone just recently.

My daily bike commute from the Outer Richmond district keeps me on my toes. I'm always jocking with the taxis on Sutter street when I leave.

Sounds like that commute of yours will bring you to a new level of fitness :P

Got to love those prairie dogs though. I almost got nailed by a rabbit riding my fixed gear around Paradise loop. It miraculously ran out and between my spinning wheels. I didn't even have time for my HR to jump.

Maybe you need a SF Bay area visit!

Jeremy T. Arnold said...

Fixed gear + Small Mammals + Bay Area roads = Crazy

Yeah, fewer miles to get to work but it's about the quality, right?

I only HAVE to go 3 miles but I usually take one of many scenic routes so it's allgood. And they are 3 quality miles so...yeah.

Speaking of scenic...have they repaired Paradise yet or are there still gaping holes in the road?

Oh Tiburon...sigh.