Thursday, July 17, 2008

COBRA vs The CaliRado Jinx

For the record, I am certain that I jinxed my beloved San Francisco Giants in Game 6 of the 2002 World Series by simply uttering the phrase "We're only six outs away." The fact that the Angels made a remarkable comeback and that I was in my livingroom in Colorado at the time is irrelevant. I was almost as much to blame as Felix Rodriguez. Almost.

My jinxing abilities were also on display during the 2007 Tour when I wrote a "creative" post on Alexandre Vinokourov and his fascination with funk legend Rick James. A day later, Vino was booted from the race for blood doping and my Cold Blooded Super Freak reference suddenly became much more than a joke. Sorry Vino, my bad. Again, this was totally my fault and had nothing to do with the boosted blood in his veins.

After recent news from France that Ricardo Ricco has tested positive for traces of EPO, it seems that The Cobra is the latest victim of my jinxing skills. I think the final straw was when I busted out the Photoshop and put the Cobra logo on his jersey in my post the other day. He was pretty much doomed after that. Again, I feel responsible for this somehow. Perhaps I should be more careful about where I aim my anti-mojo gun next time.

With the departure of Moreau as a potential target for the next CaliRado Jinx, it will be interesting to see who is next on the list. I kind of feel like Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone, only my visions are largely humorous and generally include various popular culture references. Thankfully I don't see the people die - just their careers. Farewell Cobra, it was [sort of] fun while it lasted.
"You should see what I see..."


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Christopher Walken will now be busted for HGH whenever he finally appears on Dancing with the Stars! Not that I watch or anything.

Still I love any references to the great Walken, even if it comes with the demise of another promising talent and beacon for profesional cycling.

Sebastian said...

i doubt ricco will get a better send-off than this.

Anonymous said...

Curious - what happens (if anything) to these guys after they test positive? Is there a reflection on their prior "wins"? Do they get taken away like with Floyd? Will Ricco be removed as winner from the stages he did win?
Ah Ricco....24 yrs old and tossing it all away. I've heard talk of banning failed testers for life from cycling.
The Olympics should be interesting....apparently they have a new HGH test too.

CaliRado Cyclist said...

I think Walken would probably test positive for EVERYTHING.

I'm very curious to see how this plays out if there is not a WADA-accredited test for CERA. There may be some wiggle room on the hook young Ricco is dangling from.

I have a feeling there will be quite a few Olympians caught up in this soon.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to do a piece on Frank Schleck? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.